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Sometime between 1959 and 1962 there was a bomb scare called into WI. Tell us what you remember. There was no bomb but what did they do?

Write your memories to

ANOTHER SUGESTION----------------- I am sure you have traveled to some beautiful places in your life. Do you have any pictures of someplace beautiful you have traveled?

Send me a picture and tell me where the picture was taken. I will publish some each month.



submitted by: Marlene Parsons Andre (RW '53)

They are The Leggett block and The "Rookery"

In 1895 C. W. Leggett came to Clarksburg from Parkersburg. With confidence that the City of Clarksburg would continue to expand and thrive, Mr. Leggett made the purchase of real estate on South Third Street, between Murdock Alley and Mechanic Street (now Washington Avenue), and then proceeded to build two three story brick structures known at that time as the Leggett Building and the "Rookery."

These buildings are still in good condition today, being used by various businesses.

In the late 60's I worked at Penny's and would walk down there and buy hotdogs for lunch, they played pool in there also. Have a good day.

submitted by: Tim Cork (WI '62)

The building was built in the early 1900's by Clarence Wheeler Leggett. You can see in this photo, the American District Telegraph Company occupied one part of the building on the ground floor when this photo was taken.

The building, at one point in time, was sold to the Knights of Pythias for the sum of $1.00. The Knights of Pythias then sublet half the ground floor to Stonewall Billiards, owned by Ray and Al Heck and the other half to the Blue Bird Store, owned by Carl Futuro. Subsequently it was sold to Frank X. Lopex.

I know that in the late 1950's, the Stonewall Billiards was a popular hangout for many of the guys going to Washington Irving High School. I wonder if they can remember what the outside of their hangout looked like?

The original Leggett Building can be seen behind the tree in this photo and the latest Leggett Building is clearly marked in the picture.

Trivia: In the 1950's the Record Shop of United Sound was located on the ground floor of the Leggett building located at 229 S. Third Street. (2nd pic). I bought several 45 rpm records from them back then.


Last month Roleta mentioned she was adopted by some brothers and sisters and is now a "Broadoaksian", a tremendous honor. How many of The Broad Oaks Bunch can you identify? Send your guess to Roleta Correct answers with a memory enclosed will be printed in the next newsletter.


This is one of those gestures for which there are few words... -- Semper Fi

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This is a few minutes of pure fun memories for those of us who grew up in the 50's & 60's.



submitted by: Diana Shablack Sandy (WI '69)

I was going thru some old things & found a copy of a recipe book. It was a fund raiser for The Hammond Memorial Methodist Church on Broadway Avenue. I believe that is the area near or across the Industrial Bridge. There is not a publishing date inside the booklet. My guess is that it would have been printed in the 1940's or early 1950's. Several of the recipes list the name of the person who submitted the recipe; the others simply say anonymous. Some of the people submitted more than one recipe.

If any of the readers are related to anyone whose recipes are in the book, I'd be happy to send a copy of the recipe to them. For everyone else, I am sending pictures of the ads to Judy so she can add them to the newsletter.

The booklet is definitely a blast from the past that may help jog some memories for people to write about. I remember phone numbers as MA ... There are some ads that use only 5 digits. I don't think my generation would have dropped the MA (62) when making an actual call. I think it's possible we may have dropped it when telling someone our phone number. Or else, it may be just be a memory I have of how older people gave out their phone numbers. Hope everyone enjoys seeing the advertisements of how Cburg used to be.

If there are any C-burg readers who are photo buffs & have the time to stop by all the places (addresses) on the ads & take pics of what they look like today it would be really great to see them. Even better if anyone has pics of the places from back in the day.

Following are the named contributors, how they listed their names with some of the recipes they submitted; which must have been popular in those days:

Louise Bailey     Sweet Potato With Orange
Gretchen Beckweth     Chocolate Angel Pie
Pauline Brown     Escalloped Celery & Tomatoes
Blooma Carpenter     Heavenly Hash
Oval Cleavenger     Scalloped Cabbage With Cheese
Mrs. C. W. Collins     Applesauce Cake
Mrs. Mignonne Cook     Ten Minute Corn & Chipped Beef Skillet Super
Mrs. Jessie Cross     Meat & Vegetable Casserole
Esther Davis     Deviled Swiss Steak
Mrs. W. D. Doyle     Jelly Roll Cake
Daisy Drew     Sugar Cookies
Mrs. J. S. Elliott     Fruit Cookies
Irene Fogg     Slaw Dressing
Mrs. Hazel Fox     Frozen Fruit Salad
Mrs. James Green     Coffee Cookies
Edna Griffin     Apple-Less Apple Pie
Laura B. Groves     Haystacks
Mrs. Louise Hight     Tomato Soup
Pearl Hollen     Pineapple Oatmeal Cookies
Minnie B. James     Gallet Cookies
Mrs. Arnett Jolliffe     Lemon-Lime Cottage Cheese Salad
Marie Knicely     Upside Down Chicken Pie
Mrs. Ruth Lamm     Peanut Butter Fondant
Mrs. Jeanne Cook Lanting     Boston Baked Beans
Mrs. David Lindsay     Cinnamon Twist
Mrs. W. F. Long     Waldorf Salad
Dorothy Pernell     Pickled Cabbage
Lena Marsh     Lima Beans En Casserole
Mrs. George McLaughlin     Bread & Butter Pickles
Ora McLaughlin     White Cake
Mrs. W. H. Morrison     Sunshine Salad
Kathleen Moyer     Tomato Ketchup
Mrs. Robert Moyer     Surprise Dessert
Mrs. Jane Palmer     Blushing Bunny
Millicent Pastorius     Salmon Loaf
Mrs. Juanita Post Dixie     Chocolate Cake
Miss Wanda Ross     George Washington Gingerbread
Mrs. C. R. Seckman     Spicy Prune Cake
Mrs. Louise Simmons     German Cookies
Mrs. Clara Mae Teeter     Orange Layer Cake
Bonnie Turner     Teatime Saucepan Brownies
Mrs. Frank G. Vanscoy     Coney Buns


Do you recognize the place pictured above? Write your guess to Please include a memory, your full name, school and year you either graduated or would have graduated. Thanks

submitted by: Joe Malone (WI '52)

Re Hi-Y (belated) - When I was at WI (1948-52) Mr. Gudekunst was the faculty advisor. I was not his favorite student. ("You'll never get into Carnegie Tech, Malone" As if ????) He also advised me that I would never get into Hi-Y if I didn't ditch some behavioral issue. Well, I must have - as I did (somehow) - and was privileged to sing tenor in the infamous "Hi-Y Barbershop Quartet" run by Dave Chartrand (Director/Lead/Genius) along with Raymond "Chick" Rowe (Bass) & David McWhorter (Baritone).

Further, I agree with one of your readers in that I had no clue that it was a "Christian" (Large "C") organization; don't recall any religious meetings or church attendance and was never invited to "camp". (Wonder Why ???) That said, I was pleased to read that, 10 years later, Barry Rosenthal, (younger brother of my classmate, Gloria) was asked and agreed to join.

submitted by: Steve Limbers (WI '57)

It's a shame we were unable to include a word or two about the terrific 55th reunion of the class of 1957 the weekend of August 24, but deadlines are deadlines. Jim Brown did a great job in organizing the doings and a grand time was had by all. We also had a great meal on the top floor of what used to be Broida's on Third Street. Wonderful food and excellent view.

We also toured WI Junior High and what a blast from the past that was. I recommend it to everyone. The auditorium is the only space that is essentially unchanged. My dad's name remains in the list of WWII veterans at one of the entrances to it.

On another subject, I think the mysterious "Bob" in the Carris (Pinky) House saga may have been Bob Cotter. I know that Pinky, Bob and my uncle Cleve Christie were great buddies in high school. Just a guess, but it may be helpful to the writer of that note. Cotter was an artist and I have seen some of his work.

Thanks again to you and Judy for all you do. Rufus must have had about 50 watches -- I guess that's why my story of his gift from my group was omitted.

submitted by: John Teter (WI '61)

I just wanted to express my THANKS to Sharyn Cottrill McGahan for the wonderful picnic held this year at Veterans Park, as my brother (Bob, 60) and I both try to make the trip in for that picnic. It was nice seeing you and Bill. I saw several of my classmates from 61, but did not realize that one other of my classmates was at the picnic, as I found out AFTER SHE LEFT. And, I found out from her sister, WHO WAS ALSO AT THE PICNIC, and it would have been nice to meet the sister, as she and I had been E-mailing in reference to the WI, class of 62 reunion held back in July.

AGAIN, Sharyn, A JOB WELL DONE. It was very nice to hear you say "SEE YOU NEXT YEAR", as I was leaving. Please thank your "helpers" as well.


submitted by: Judy Daugherty Kimler (WI '59)

I read your letter about Rufus and it reminded me that my father knew him well. He lived in the Water St area and was married. I don't know about children. My dad said his wife was an immaculate housekeeper. You could have eaten of the floors. For my dad to make comments like that was unusual. He didn't say things about people very often. He must have been really impressed.

submitted by: Steve Limbers (WI '57)

You really struck a nerve when you asked about Rufus in the August 1 issue. We had several lunch and/or after-school hangouts while I was at WI. Rogers Drug Store (I didn't see any punctuation in the picture) was one of our favorites. Rufus worked there, serving, doing whatever needed to be done. He seemed to genuinely enjoy kids our ages, had a cheerful greeting for each of us when we came in and a fond farewell when we left. Always a big smile. As I recall, our behavior was excellent as a result of the atmosphere Rufus created.

My most vivid memory was the presentation we made to Rufus at some point -- we chipped in and bought him a watch. I will never forget the look in his eyes when he opened it.

My only regret is that we never really had the opportunity to talk to him. Where did he live? Was he married? Did he have kids of his own? I would love to have the opportunity to live those years again so that I could get answers to the questions I never asked. Looking forward to the next issue to find out whether anyone has some more information to offer on this wonderful man's life.


Mary Fox McCoy (WI '70)
Elizabeth Golden Madison (WI '73)
Judy Russell Seal (WI '57)


Joe VanVoorhis (WI '65)
Bill Bowie (WI '62)


submitted by: Mayf Nutter (Bridgeport HS '59)

Re: photos in the 9/12 Newsletter.

The photos of the old, the new, and the gone St. Mary's Hospital flipped the projector on…. for a Movie In My Mind.

Parts of the movie are personal memories and other parts are from family stories involving St. Mary's Hospital.

In a farm house on Two Lick Run Road, on Rt. 19 South of Good Hope and North of Jane Lew, Anna Southern Nutter was anxiously awaiting the birth of the first child in the family ever to be born in a hospital. (That would be me.)

The Jewel Tea man, Mr. Metcalf, drove up the dirt road, up the steep driveway and into the grassy lawn. He hopped out of the delivery van and greeted Wanda Law, my mother's sister. As the story goes, the driver "hollared out" to Wanda, "How ya doin' today, Wanda?!"

Aunt Wanda answered with great concern, "I'm doin' okay, I reckon, but Anna's in there about ready to have her baby. Bernie went to the feed store and there's nobody here to take her to the hospital in Clarksburg."

"Put 'er in the truck. I'll gitter there!" came the quick answer.

That was the West Virginia way of doing things in 1941.

The hurried trip would be around 19 miles. It was a bouncy, rocky, bumpy ride over the curvy, and hilly road, which was only partially paved.

During the painful ride, Mr. Metcalf tried to keep Anna distracted from her obviously excruciating discomfort. At one point he took on a cheerful and humorous tone as he asked, "Now if this here's a boy… you're gonna name him after me, ain'tcha, Anna?!"

Continuing to hold her baby-filled tummy with one hand and the bouncing dash board with the other; she gasped, "Yes!…Anything! Just get me to that hospital!"

Dr. Nutter was on duty when the Jewel Tea truck screeched to a stop at the front of the hospital. He delivered the baby and the name on the birth certificate, although it was misspelled at first, was corrected to read, Mayfred.

Some fifteen years later, that unusual name was shortened to an even more unique nickname by coaches, teammates, and Bridgeport High School classmates to "Mayf".

Some of you may remember The Mayf Nutter Show on WBOY Radio and that same guy with the funny name as the host of the Saturday dance show, Boyland Bandstand on WBOY-TV 1958-59.

Mayfred Metcalf, that kind hearted Hillbilly Ambulance driver, and his family stayed close friends all my West Virginia days. And St. Mary's Hospital was there to rekindle that story when any member of the Nutter family or the Metcalf family or the Southern family passed near it.

A few years back, my Aunt Wanda Law (Aunt Wanda in the story), nearing her 100th birthday was hospitalized in Clarksburg. It was then that I got the sad news that St. Mary's Hospital was no longer there. But she got wonderful treatment at the newly located facility….and of course, the story of St. Mary's Hospital and the adventure surrounding the birth of the first family member to be born in a hospital was retold, yet again.

To Bill:

I was going thru an old photo album and found this picture of my dad in his football uniform when he was about 10 yrs old. I thought you would get a kick out of seeing what the uniforms looked like around 1918. Quite a difference from what they wear today.

Judy Daugherty Kimler, WI 1959

Reply To Judy:

Wow! I never imagined that youngsters had football uniforms back them. That has to be unique. He must have been very proud to wear it. I had two brothers in the Navy during World War 2. In 1945, I received a Navy Pea Coat for Christmas. I thought it was the greatest gift I would ever receive. Your father must have had similar feelings about the uniform. I love the thigh pads. The helmet looks a lot like the ones we wore as freshmen in high school. Of course, the varsity got the new plastic headgear. Thanks so much for sharing the picture with us.

Bill (

To Bill:

I would like to brag just a little bit about my high school, Notre Dame HS in Clarksburg. As I understand, they are currently ranked No. 1 in the state in Class A football. Like Monongah, we have always been small, but pretty good. My brother Jon tells me that they beat Monongah the year Nick Saban played QB, his senior year, I think. When I was there in '57, we didn't play Monongah, but their rep. was always high. I was just proud to hear we are at the top in the state poll.

Pat Elder, ND 1957

Reply To Pat:

You have every right to be proud of Notre Dame's football team. After last week's games, they were indeed ranked first in the W.Va. computer poll in Class A. However, they ran into a pretty good Bishop Donahue team last night (9-22-12) and lost their first game, 59--21, making their record 3-1. Over the years, they have fielded many good teams and this year, even with their tough schedule, they have a good shot at making the state playoffs. As for your brother's comment about ND beating Monongah when Nick Saban was a senior, I have no way of easily checking it out. However, if he is right (and he probably is), they should be very proud of that accomplishment, since not too many teams beat Monongah during the Saban era. It was kind of like what Alabama is doing in college football now.

Thanks for your comments and let's wish NDHS all the best for the rest of the season.

Bill (


As witnessed by the letter from Pat Elder, many of us living out of state still follow local high school football in West Virginia, even though we don't get to see it in person. Through September 22, the large schools still undefeated are Elkins and University, both at 5--0. Bridgeport and RCB are 4--1, while Morgantown is 3--1.

Smaller schools doing well include Clay-Battelle and Tucker County at 5--0 and Notre Dame at 3--1.

I still can't get used to the fact that, due to consolidations and thus fewer schools, some teams can make the state playoffs, even with a losing record. What a thrill it must still be to get the chance to participate in a state semifinal or final in any high school sport. That is something the athletes will always remember, win or lose.

If you have a story about current high school sports teams or, better still, those of "the good old days", please share it with us by sending it to me. Or, if you have had a child or grandchild play high school sports and don't mind sharing your and/or their experiences with our readers, we'd love to hear from you.

I'll attempt to keep current on how our local teams are doing as the season progresses.

Bill (


In September, 2000, my son and I, along with two friends attended the first NHL hockey game played by the new expansion team, the Columbus Blue Jackets, in their new arena in downtown Columbus, Ohio. One friend wanted to buy each of us a beer to honor the occasion. So, he ordered four Bud Lights and handed the gentleman a twenty dollar bill. Instead of offering him change, the seller promptly looked away and said, "Next". Doug, our friend, turned to us and said, "Gentlemen, we're in the big leagues. Those beers cost $5.00 each". For a bunch of guys used to paying a couple bucks, maximum, per bottle at the best watering holes in town, we loudly agreed.

That story came to mind, when I saw the following picture, sent to our editor by Bob Hall, WI 1956. It shows the current prices charged by the concession stands at Mountaineer Field. By the looks of these, the WVU football team has, without a doubt, finally made it to the big leagues. Bottom line? Take lots of cash with you (or plastic, if they accept it), if you plan on partying in the stadium, because if you leave the stadium at halftime to imbibe (or not), you cannot re-enter. I don't think anyone will complain as long as they keep winning.

Send your comments on this or anything else about sports to:

Bill (


As I write this, the Mountaineers are sitting at 3-0, and yet, most fans are not too sure just how good this team really is or can be. They have one of the best passing quarterbacks in the country and two of the best receivers, but there are still several things lacking. The defense is average, at best, the running game is one dimensional (Shawne Alston), the offensive line is inconsistent and the special teams, especially the kicking game could stand improvement.

So, where does that leave us? We'll know a lot more after this weekend. By the time you read this, you'll know if the first Big 12 game in school history was a big win or the game that brought the Mountaineer Nation back to reality. I think the problem is simple to see, but difficult to correct. Let's face it, the defense WILL give up a lot of points. As for the offense, Maryland proved what we all knew from the Syracuse game last year, if you stop the run and pressure the passer, WVU is in trouble. The solution? The offensive line must block for the runners AND for Geno and the big backs (not the baby backs) must pick up the blitzes.

So there you have it. If Alston and Ryan Clarke are unable to play in every game from here on out, we struggle. If they do play and the O-line jells, we could fly to the top. We've all wanted the Mountaineers to go big time. Well, here it is. I only hope that my heart can stand the stress.

Bill (

Note: Do you agree with me? Am I wrong? Write and let me know what you think.


submitted by: Roleta

Since the last newsletter, I received one check for tickets. I hope more will respond this month.

Thank you: Nancy Capilla Mayer (WI 1959) for your purchase and good luck.

Tickets for 2013 WIN quilt are on sale. You may buy as often as you like between now and March1, 2013. You may sell tickets to anyone who wishes to buy a ticket. The price of the tickets has not changed. The tickets are still 5 for $5.00 or 12 for $10.00 and multiples there after. Send your check or money order made out to:

Roleta Meredith

And mail to this address please:

Roleta Meredith
3201 Charles Mac Donald Drive
Sarasota, FL 34240

I hope we see enough tickets to support 2 WIN Scholarships. Thank you..


Front Row: Jayne (Rose) Ross, Annabel (Day) Davis, Diana (Folio) Watne, Shirley (Heidelmeier) Williams, Phyllis (Alton) Nichols, Betty (Tiano) Rossana, Sandy (Lough) Limbers, Judy (Russell) Seal, Donna (King) Goolie, Judy (Coffman) Dunham, Judy (Coyne) Shepherd

Second Row: Jim Brown, Paul Davis, Bob Dennison, Jim Fleming, Steve Limbers, John Allen, Anthony Bellotte, Sam Urso, Francis Muscari, Skip Bowie, Fred Dunham, Rusty Rutan

submitted by: Frank Muscari

Thanks again to all and I'm looking forward to our 60th reunion, summer of 2017. I will send the list of all who attended, take that list number 1 from at the top (Skip Bowie) and number 24 (Jim Brown) at the bottom. Judy Murray Gain was not in the picture, she would have been number 13. If anyone has her phone number please let me know. Again thanks.


submitted by: Joe VanVoorhis (WI '63)

Last weekend I attended a multi-year (62-67) class reunion in Bridgeport. It was awesome to see old classmates from different classes.

I hope it can be done again soon. Here is a picture. Left to right Jack Suter (Linda Holden's 65' husband), me 65', Bobby Combs 63'?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I did not receive any pictures from the gathering. If anyone has any group pictures, please send them with identifications of those pictured and we will print them.


The WI Reunion Picnic was held on August 25, 2012 at a shelter at Veteran's Park in Clarksburg, WV. Sharyn Cottrill McGahan (WI 1959) and her committee worked hard to make the afternoon as pleasurable as can be. I am sure that everyone who attended joins me to give her a big thank you for all she has done over the years to make this a popular event. There were about 120 people in attendance. We were glad to see several people who had just attended their reunions and used the picnic as a Saturday event.

Pictured above are Jim McGahan (Grafton 1956) and Buck Tustin (WI 1955).


Left to Right: Sam Urso, Fred Dunham, Jim Fleming (back), Mike Snyder, Skip Bowie (back), Diane (Folio) Watne, Jayne (Rose) Ross (back), Phyllis (Alton) Nichols, Shirley ((Heidelmeier) Williams, Jim Brown (back), Judy (Coyne) Shepherd, Annabelle (Day) Davis, Paul Davis (back), Judy (Coffman) Dunham, Francis Muscari (back), Steve Limbers, Sandy (Lough) Limbers, Bob Dennison, Dan Stout


Evan "Stumpie" Bice, Joyce Reed Royce, Bill Norris and Doug Aspy..... those not pictured are Marilyn Hurst Lee, Margaret Ann Heflin Bailey, David Rowe


Above pictured is Carol Reed (WI 1961)


Joe Williams and Bob Hall


Left to Right: Dick Hanifan, Helen House Fleming, Paula Brasseur Riley, Ron Werner, Sharyn Cottrill McGahan, Phyllis Fittro, Roleta Smith Meredith
In attendance but not pictured were Rosemary Grow Warne, Anthony Julian, Joy Gregory DeFazio and Charlie Burkhammer


Front row, "girls" are.....
Nadine Criss Stealey, Nancy Varner Secreto, Carolyn Wise Norris & Sara Hall Howe.

Back row, "guys" are.....
Gene Wilson, Barry Rosenthal, Wendell Young, Bill "Chuck" Spann & Bob Combs.


Becky McClain Werner, Bob Teter, Pam Wolfe Brown, George Cinci, Emma Lee Hite, Jim Campbell

CLASSES 1964-1965

Front row left to right:
Margaret Cleavenger McIntyre '65, Marilyn Lightner Kittle '65, Carol Gottlieb Rovinsky '65, Carol Findley Cinci '64

Back row left to right:
Bryan McIntyre '65, Janet Reed DeVenuto '64, Bob Stealey '64


submitted by: Charlotte Bostic Fleming (RW '48)

My brother forwarded your email message to me and asked me to reply. First off, it would be ok to pass along the Harrison County Genealogical Society website. They are always looking for new members. The library is located on the second floor of the old Waldomere public library where anyone is welcome to do genealogy research. David Houchin is the librarian and his knowledge of local genealogy is amazing.

I was born and raised in Clarksburg and graduated from RW in 1948 but moved away from WV in 1970. Don’t think there are too many people left who might remember me. My father had the White Top Cab company and I worked as a dispatcher during my high school years and my attendance at the WV Business College. I then worked for Carleton Wood Architects until I married. My half brother, Bennie Sherman had an office supply business on Pike Street for several years and then became an audiologist and had a hearing aid business for many years. My husband, Richard Fleming graduated from WI in 1946. My sister, Oletha Bostic graduated from RW, in about 1954. My brother, Lawrence attended RW also but moved to Arizona where he finished high school.

I thought you might be interested in this story that Charlotte wrote. It was in the Harrison County Genealogical Society newsletter this month. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone you think might be interested in reading it. The web site is

EDITOR’S NOTE: Many people have suggested that it might be interesting to have a genealogy section. If you write it and send it to me, I will publish it. Perhaps this may be a way to connect with relatives that you are not even aware you have. If you have pictures, send them too. One thing though, I would like there to be a connection with Harrison County, WV. Write and send it to


submitted by: Arreta Jaranko (WI '40)

The picture below was taken in May, 1952, when the children received their new "surplices". Sharyn Cottrill McGahan is in the front row and I will bet you can pick her out as she looks just the same, just a little more mature.!! My son, Gregory, is in the front row, the boy on the left. I am standing there in the back. I have another picture of the choir at a later date, also, and will send it when I find it again. Hope you get this one. Love, Arreta

Those pictured above are: 1st row: Greg Jaranko, Bedell (?), Sandy Hooper Miller, Sharyn Cottrill McGahan, Linda Brown, Sharon Dillmore
2nd row: ?, Richard Underwood, Virginia Belle Bonnett, Linda Johnston, Tommy Brown
Back row Arreta Jaranko Director



Thelma Louise (Haught) O'Dea, 81, of Fairmont, passed away on Monday, September 3, 2012 at Monongalia General Hospital in Morgantown.

She was the daughter of the late Arnold Lynn and Grace (Kinney) Haught.

Louise was preceded in death by her loving husband Leo Patrick O'Dea in March of 2006.

She was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and homemaker. She was a member of St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church in Fairmont, St. Elizabeth Guild of St. Anthony's, the Benton's Ferry Homemakers Club and the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary.

She was a graduate of Washington Irving High School, Class of 1949.


Jessie Agnes Stuart (Minear) Haslebacher, December 29, 1922-August 16, 2012.

Agnes Haslebacher was born December 29, 1922, to Orr and Jessie Benton (Stuart).

Agnes attended Byrd Run and Raccoon Run elementary schools and graduated from Roosevelt- Wilson (R-W) High School, Nutter Fort, WV, in 1941. She attended Potomac State College for a year and graduated with a business degree from West Virginia Business College, Clarksburg, WV, in 1944. Agnes was a member of the Vincent Memorial United Methodist Church.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Kenneth Haslebacher, a son, Kenneth David Haslebacher, her parents, Orr and Jessie Stuart Minear, and her sisters, Isabelle Hudkins, Maxine Cather, Margaret Matthews and Peggy Young. She is survived by three sons and daughters-in-law, Henry Haslebacher II (Sally), Thomas C. Haslebacher (Martha), and William F. Haslebacher (Susan); one daughter, Fanny Louise Haslebacher; 10 grandchildren; two great grandchildren.


Rodney Eugene Rollins, age 60, passed away August 31, 2012, following an extended illness. He was the son of the late Jack Hayward Rollins and Francis Onilee Logue Rollins.

Surviving are his fiancé, Joann Cox of Bridgeport; two sons, Jason Rollins (Lisa) and Mathew Rollins (Brittaniona); siblings Gregory Rollins (Susie), Michael Rollins (Denise) and Marsha Wilson (Carl).

In addition to his parents, Rodney was preceded in death by two siblings, Bradford Rollins and Jacqlyn Schaeffer.

Mr. Rollins was a veteran having served his country in the United States Army, receiving a Bronze Star for three campaigns in Vietnam. He was owner and operator of RE Rollins LLC, an interior systems company. He was Baptist by faith.


Agnes Lucille Singleton Ice, 62 died September 5, 2012. She was a daughter of the late Joseph Lee and Emma Lucille Whaley Singleton. Her husband, Russell "Buck" Ice, preceded her in death in 1999.

Mrs. Ice is survived by one son, Steve Cumberledge (Karen); one daughter, Stephanie and six grandchildren.

She is also survived by one brother, Joseph "Buck" Singleton Jr., three sisters, Mary Davis, Millie Gowers , and Emmy Lou Murphy; and several nieces and nephews.

In addition to her parents and husband, Mrs. Ice was preceded in death by three brothers, David, Charlie and Jim Singleton.

She was Baptist by faith and a member of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 573. She enjoyed the outdoors and working outside the home. She will be sadly missed by those who loved her.


Warren (Bill) Fultz of Stow, Ohio passed away on August 31, 2012. Warren was the son of the late Earnest E. Fultz and Wilma (Finley) Fultz.

Warren is survived by his wife Carol (Kirby) Fultz; and two sons, Shawn and Brian. He is also survived by three brothers, Robert (Bob), Wendell and Walter, all of the greater Clarksburg area, several nieces, nephews and four grandchildren.

Warren was preceded in death by his parents, his two sisters, Edith (Nesselroot) and Willa Lee (Gum), and by two brothers, Edwin and Waldo Fultz.

Warren graduated from Victory High School in 1960. He worked for St. Mary's and the United Hospital Center for 39 years as a Medical Technician. He retired in 2004.


Ruby Marie Wilson Nicewarner, died on Sept. 6, 2012. She was the daughter of the late French Wilson and Dolly Wilson Madera.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband, Joe Nicewarner; and a great-granddaughter, Charity Elliott.

Ruby is survived by one daughter, Margaret (Ken) Adams, with whom she had made her home the last 16 years; one son, Mike (Joan) Nicewarner; seven grandchildren; 14 great grandchildren.

She graduated from Victory High School, Class of 1942. Ruby was a member of the Eastern Star and Pythian Sisters. She was a former member of Simpson Creek Baptist Church and was a current member of First Baptist Church in Woodlands, Texas.


Mary Frances (Smallridge) Gross, age 91, died Thursday, August 23, 2012, at her home in Bridgeport, WV.

She was the eldest daughter of the late William Guy Smallridge and Julian Lunda Campbell Smallridge . She was married to Russell William Gross, who preceded her in death.

Survivors include one daughter, Jeanne L. Unger, and one son, William L. Gross, (Susan Schreibman). She has three grandchildren; and one great-grandson, Cooper J. Gross.

Mrs. Gross graduated from Victory High School in 1938 and was a graduate of West Virginia Business College. She had been employed as a secretary for Combined Insurance Company and GMAC, both of Clarksburg.


Victoria Emily Secret passed away August 23, 2012. She was the daughter of the late John F. Secret and Carmela Alvaro Secret.

Victoria leaves behind her beloved nephews and niece, John E. Morrison and Richard D. Morrison II and A'lyssa C. Lopez; three great-nieces and great-great-niece and nephew.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her sister, Connie Secret Morrison.

Victoria was a graduate of Washington Irving High School, Class of 1947. She was formerly employed at Surplus Supply early in her life. She was a loan officer for Community Bank and Trust for over 30 years, having furthered her education during this time by graduating from Robert Morris College with a business degree. She was a member of the All Saints Catholic Church in Bridgeport.


Barbara Furbee Walters of Greensboro, N.C., and formerly a resident of Clarksburg, W.Va., departed this life on Aug. 22, 2012.

A daughter of the late Virgil C. and Mary Sommerville Furbee. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by an only brother, Norman Paige Furbee.

A 1956 graduate of Victory High School


Ruth Warnock Flint, 79 years of age and formerly of Maple Lake community, died on September 7, 2012, at the United Hospital Center in Bridgeport, WV.

She was born September 17, 1932, in Pittsburgh, PA, the daughter of the late Elmer and Emma Ewell Warnock.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Edmund Lee Flint, in 2011.

Mrs. Flint is survived by two sons, Tim Flint (Tammy), and Andy Flint and Rebecca Rosenberger; one daughter, Fran Barry; six grandchildren; and twelve great-grandchildren.

She was a 1950 graduate of Washington Irving High School and a 1954 graduate of West Virginia University with a bachelor of arts degree in elementary education. After raising her family, she worked as a teacher in Harrison County at Hartman, Towers and Adamston Grade Schools.


Marion R. Lanham, age 84, formerly of Bridgeport, WV, passed away in Virginia on Wednesday, August 22, 2012, surrounded by her loved ones.

An amazing women and the daughter and only child of the late Fred B. Johnson and Ruth Conaway Johnson.

Marion was born July 15, 1928, in Clarksburg, where she was raised and graduated from Washington Irving High School. She also attended West Virginia Business College.

Her husband, Gaylord Lanham, a former Sheriff of Harrison County, whom she married March 12, 1946, preceded her in death on May 11, 2009. They had two children, Thomas G. Lanham, who passed away, and Mary Frances Lanham Dunn. She was the beloved grandmother of three grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and numerous nieces and nephews.

Marion was employed for 40 years in the Harrison County Court system as Deputy Circuit Clerk, Chief Deputy Clerk and the last 10 years prior to her retirement as Magistrate Court Clerk. The Harrison County Commission acknowledged her many years of dedicated service by declaring August 26, 1997, as "Marion R. Lanham Day" throughout Harrison County.


Gary Lee Fultineer, 50, of Maple Lake Run Road, passed away unexpectedly at his residence Sunday afternoon, September 9, 2012.

He was born in Buckhannon on September 13, 1961, a son of Jimmy Lee and Ellen Stewart Fultineer of Bridgeport.

Also surviving are his wife, Charlotte Ash Fultineer; a son, Dakota Lee Fultineer, Bridgeport; a daughter, Ashley Nicole Fultineer, Fairmont; two grandsons, Blake Ashton Fultineer and Brody Easton Fultineer; and two sisters, Helen Rose and her husband Kinsey "Mouse" Howell of Brushy Fork and Roberta Lynn Fultineer, Clarksburg.

Gary was a graduate of Bridgeport High School, Class of 1980. He has worked for 25 years for Marion Dock as a surface miner.


Tressa Minnite Goots, also known by family as "T.T" or "Aunt Treesie," 81, of Vienna, W.Va., passed away September 17, 2012, at Marietta Memorial Hospital.

Tressa was the daughter of the late Patsy Minnite and Rosa Oppedisano Minnite.

Tressa was a former graduate of Victory High School with the Class of 1949. She lived her life as a devoted homemaker, wife, mother, grandmother and aunt. She was formerly employed at Hazel Atlas in Clarksburg before relocating to Paden City.

She was a member of St. Michael's Parrish of Vienna, Mater Dolorosa Parish in Paden City and was very active in the Paden City Women's Club for years

Tressa is survived by her two sons, John Goots (Pam) of Vienna and Joe Goots (Kim) of Parkersburg; brothers, Frank Minnite (Mary) of Paden City, Joe Minnite (Rosemarie) of Clarksburg and Pat Minnite (Judy) of Vienna; sisters, Shirley Vangilder of Bridgeport and the late Katherine Minnite of Meadowbrook; her grandchildren, J.R. Goots of Charleston, S.C., Katlyn Goots of Morgantown, Vince Goots, also of Morgantown, Mallory and Kelsey Goots, both of Parkersburg; several nieces and nephews; and several great-nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband, John William Goots Sr., who passed away on October 10, 2005, and her sister listed above, Katherine.


Samuel F. Grandinetti, 73, of Bridgeport, passed away on September 20, 2012.

He was the son of the late Carmine and Mary Ligammari Grandinetti.

He is survived by his wife of 31 years, Carmela "Millie" Grandinetti.

He is also survived by two brothers, Rudy Grandinetti (Susie), Ernest Grandinetti (Joyce); his brother-in-law, Charlie Prizzi, NJ. Many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his sisters, Philipina "Phyllis" Grandinetti, Josephine Elliott and her husband Charles, and Loretta Grandinetti.

Sam was a member of All Saints Catholic Church. He was a graduate of Notre Dame High School, Class of 1958, where he served as President of his Senior Class, and attended WVU. He also served in the U.S. Army and the U.S. Army Active Reserve for seven years. He was the owner and manager of Stonewall Jackson News Stand, and he worked at Lockheed- Martin for 41 years, retiring in 2001. He had served as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Machinist Union at Lockheed.


Jeanie Alice Lyon, 86, died Aug. 26, 2012, at her home. She was the daughter of the late John and Flossie Cunningham.

Her husband, Henry F. Lyon resides at their home.

Mrs. Lyon is survived by two sons, Steven Lyon (Fan) and Scott Lyon (Catherine); and one daughter, Beverly Matheny (Rick). She also leaves behind six grandchildren, Krista Sharma, Jennifer Lyon, Ashley Edgell, Erin Vaughn, Kacey Brozenick and Dena Thomas; and seven great grandchildren.

In addition to her parents, Mrs. Lyon was preceded in death by her granddaughter, Vanessa Lyon; three brothers, Robert, Joseph and James Cunningham; and one sister, Lucille Boyles.

She was a graduate of Washington Irving High School and a former clerk for the Harrison County Assessor's Office.


Mrs. Velma Elaine "Granny" Plaugher, age 75 years, died August 30, 2012, at the home of her daughter Cindy Hart.

She was the daughter of the late Lerlan Dale and Helen Irene (Romine) Garrett.

Surviving are three sons, Rodney Plaugher (Trudy), Lynn Plaugher (Vickie), Scott Plaugher (Beverl); two daughters, Rhonda Zirkle (Ted), and Cindy Hart ( Mike); 17 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandson. Also surviving are one brother, Dale Garrett (Faith); one brother-in-law, Carl Plaugher, and one sister-in-law, Sue Cool (Larry). Additional survivors include several nieces and nephews and the entire Hart. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by former husband, Harold A. Plaugher, two grandchildren, one sister, two sister-in-laws and one brother-in-law.

Mrs. Plaugher graduated from Victory High School. She worked at Saint Mary's Hospital; Seaton's Nursing Home and then retired from Stone & Thomas in Clarksburg, WV. After recovering from a stroke in 1988, she went on to dispatch for a tow truck company in Webster County then moved on to working at the Webster County Senior Citizens Center.

"Bobby Joe"

Robert Joseph Hart, age 75, of Bridgeport, WV, departed this life on Tuesday September 11, 2012, at his residence following a brief illness.

He was the son of the late Lloyd Wilson and Marguerite Petitgirard Hart.

His wife of 55 years, Joan Johnston Hart, resides at their home in Bridgeport.

Surviving are three sons, Robert Charles Hart (Sue), Thomas Lloyd Hart (Nada), and David Frank Hart (Melissa); two daughters, Shelley Lynn Corbett (Don) and Jackie Marie Mertz (Dave); and 16 grandchildren. Also surviving are one brother, Lloyd Camile Hart; one sister, Joan; and several nieces and nephews.

He graduated from Washington Irving High School, Class of 1955, where he was affectionately known as "Bobby Joe." While in high school he played baseball, football and was an All State basketball player. He loved all sports: Coaching his kids' teams and attending his grandchildrens' games; being a fan of the Pirates, Steelers and Mountaineers; and playing golf with friends and skiing with family later in life.

Bob received a basketball scholarship to attend Marshall University and received a Civil Engineering degree from the Indiana Institute of Technology in 1961. After graduating from college, he started off as an engineer at Union Carbide and through multiple promotions was transferred to several locations, including Geneva, Switzerland, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He eventually moved back to Connecticut, where he retired as Chief Operating Officer for UCAR Worldwide in 1999.

Bob particularly enjoyed community service projects while traveling with his job - an example is the work he led helping kids and impoverished families in Zimbabwe, Africa. After retirement, he moved back to his home state of West Virginia, where he enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. Bob initiated the Hart Foundation - providing monetary scholarships for local, promising high school students. He was a member of All Saints Catholic Church.


Pauline "Polly" E. Myers, 92, passed away September 14, 2012.

She was the daughter of the late Luther L. "Freckles" and Janet L. Brooks Harpold.

She married to Charles L. Myers, who preceded her in death

Polly was a 1937 graduate of Washington Irving High School, Clarksburg. She held several jobs in Clarksburg before retiring from Quaker State Production in Belpre in 1986 with 28 years of service as an accounting clerk.

She is survived by two daughters, Carol Muscari, and Linda Allan; one son, C.R. Myers 14 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren; one brother, Howard Harpold of Virginia Beach, Va.; several nieces and nephews; and numerous friends in the Belpre area.

In addition to her parents and husband, she was preceded in death by her sister, Louise Little; and a brother, Bobby Harpold.


Lisa Carol Chenoweth Mullen, 46, passed away Sept. 21, 2012.

She was the daughter of Clair Chenoweth, and the late Bettie M. Chenoweth.

In addition to her father, she is survived by her husband, Frank Mullen, whom she married Dec. 7, 1985.

Also surviving are her daughter, Christina Blackburn (Joshua); her son, Christopher Mullen, Huntington, and his fiancée, Kaitlin Curry, granddaughter, Claire Alexandria Mullen; two brothers, Roger C. Chenoweth (Joanne), North Pole, Alaska and Matthew Allen Chenoweth (Totie); two biological brothers, Robert Gillette and Edward Gillette (Amy)

Lisa was a graduate of Bridgeport High School, Class of 1984, and had worked at Chenoweth Ford.


submitted by: Buzz Floyd (VHS '56)

Lorraine F. (Greathouse) Reymond, age 89, formerly of Clarksburg, West Virginia, passed away Sunday September 16, 2012, at Holzer Medical Center in Jackson, Ohio. She was born in Clarksburg on August 17, 1923, to the late Glydus J. Greathouse and Edna (Kisner) Greathouse. She was married to Peter J. Reymond, Jr. on November 17, 1941, who preceded her in death January 8, 2001.

She was a member of Barnes Memorial Baptist Church and Harrison County Senior Citizens.

Surviving are her son David Reymond (Becky) ; three grandchildren; nine great grandchildren and two step great grandchildren; one sister, Lucille and several nieces and nephews.

In addition to her parents and husband she was preceded in death by one sister, Delores Morris and two brothers, Albert Franklin Greathouse and Ancel Wayne Greathouse.

PS: Lorraine and her family were some of my oldest friends in Clarksburg. Our homes were adjacent to each other in North View from 1943 - 1959. Her brother Ancel was my best friend. Lorraine's husband, P.J. Reymond, taught me to shoot a rifle and catch a baseball when I was about ten years old, and took me fishing for the first time. Her mother fed me many times too, and I especially liked her turtle soup. Coincidentally, Lorraine passed away in the small town of Jackson, Ohio; that's the same town where my father died in 1961 at my grandmother's home there.

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